From 15 to 18 April 2019, the 8th International Forum of Wedding Photographers and Video Operators will be held in the 5-star Sol Nessebar Palace complex.

What we will meet:
– 2 times more lecturers
– 2 times more practice
– free workshops
– additional time for free talks with lecturers
– continuing the tradition of joint talks with DJs and Wedding Organizers, as well as other participants in the industry
– increased curriculum. Unlike the Autumn Forum, which is about closing the season, the organizing team decided that the Spring Forum would be increased with a syllabus to give a startup start before the working season to all participants.

The agreed lecturers so far:

Victor El Marco Rojo – – Spain
(+ exclusive 2 day masterclass)
Max Guselnikov – – Russia
(+ free one-day masterclass)
Andrei Razumovski – – Russia
Vlad Pahontu – – Romania

I.D. Brothers Production – – Moldova
Eduard Carp – – Romania
Dima Vutcariov –
(+ exclusive 2 day masterclass)

Several well-known Bulgarian lecturers are also expected to participate in the themes or practical lessons. Also special lecture on “Lighting, Effective and Stage Lighting” by a lecturer with experience in the cinema industry.
For more details and recent publications related to the event, see here