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Фотостудио Класик - Вашите спомени завинаги!

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Need a photographer to capture your personal or family celebration? You want to keep every single moment from your wedding vibrant and alive for years coming?

Love makes the world spin and we all look for our soulmate so we can feel complete.

And when it happens it is important to preserve the memories from the most important day in our lives.

Have you ever thought how long it takes to plan and prepare a wedding day and how fast it finishes? It is all like a movie. You can’t even understand is it all happening to you or are you just attending.

Our task is to capture all unique moments, so you can live through your holiday again and again.

Our rich experience in the field of photography gives us the confidence to claim that your holiday will be captured in the best possible way. Our greatest satisfaction is the joy of doing our job and the smiles you give us.

Learn more about our team:

Owners and main photographers of Photostudio Classic are Hristo Hristov and his wife – Valentina Hristova.

Hristo Hristov graduated from “Todor Kableshkov” University of transport in Sofia and Technical University in Varna. He has photographed a lot of weddings, birthday and anniversary celebrations, proms, baptism rituals, company and corporate events.

Graduated from the University of Economics in Varna. She works as a photographer since 2003. Valentina has rich experience in wedding and children’s photography.

Despite the rich experience they have gained during the years of work, Hristo and Valentina continue to develop and enrich their skills. They attend a lot of seminars and lectures of world-class photographers (Aleksandras Babicius, Mecuro B Cotto, Dan Hecho, Sakis Batzalis). The passion and commitment they put in their work attract more and more happy customers.

  • Price 950лв. +
  • Slogan Фотостудио Класик - Вашите спомени завинаги!
  • Brand color
  • Location Varna

  • Person Христо Христов
  • Address гр. Варна, ул. "Цар Асен" №1, магазин 3
Етикети: Сватбени фотографи - Варна, Професионален фотограф

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