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SV Studio - Различната Фотография

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Who is Simon Varterian? 

Simon Varterian is a professional photographer and the creator of the different wedding photography presented by SV Studio. He believes that every couple deserves an individual approach to their wedding day. With unique set-up, extreme experiences, professional equipment and the exact concept, the wedding session becomes fun, not an obligation. Simon is an artist whose direction of thought, we cannot predict and capture. He takes us away from painfully familiar shots and offers us a new form of art. He received his first camera when he was 6 years old; he specialized in France and traveled to over 40 countries in only five years. Simon is the person you can trust.


Newlyweds have fun while Simon works on the footage from the special moments of the wedding day. They receive unique shots that suit their personality and will never be forgotten. The newlyweds are often pleasantly surprised when they engage in this adventure. The captured moments will remain for the generations to come, so children and grandchildren can admire the wedding of their parents. And with ease Simon’s photography becomes a small journal of love, emotions and dreams, that travels through time.

SV Studio

SV Studio is a symbol of personal touch, high quality and professionalism. All of this is mandatory for the wedding photography. Are you read? It will be interesting!

  • Price 1,970лв. +
  • Slogan SV Studio - Различната Фотография
  • Location Sofia

  • Person Симон Вартерян
  • Address гр.София, бул. Александър Малинов 51, ТБЦ MetroCity, секция Б, ет.1, офис 16* (до асансьора)
Етикети: Сватбени фотографи - София, Професионален фотограф

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